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Buy Fake Cocaine Online

Buy Fake Cocaine Online designer drugs like fake cocaine or “bath salts” are sell online as chemicals and may contain ingredients like methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV).  To get high, users often snort the powder.  In 2012, the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act was pass by Congress.

26 different synthetic cannabinoids and cathinones were permanently add to Schedule I of the Controlle Substances Act (CSA) by this legislation. Ivory Wave, Bliss, Blue Silk, Charge Plus, White Lightning (not to be confuse with moonshine), Cloud 9, and Energy 1 are a few bath salts items that are use as fake cocaine. Other product names are numerous, and they consistently

Real Crack’s Appearance

Most dealers put their crack in bags of plastic. The rocks can range in size, shape, and color from off-white to yellow to clear-white. Find out more about the appearance of crack here. Buy Fake Cocaine Online

Taste of real crack

The typical taste of cocaine is harsh and chemical-like. Sadly, some drug dealers have discovere this test and compromise its accuracy by blending numbing chemicals with fake crack. Online Fake Cocaine Purchase

How To Make Fake Cocaine And Not Get Shot

I’m going to provide a recipe for producing fake cocaine since I know someone will ask this question again and I don’t want you to get shot. Kill the idea of using pure soap or baking soda first.

Now all you have to do is locate the 5 and 10 mg rapid release blue or yellow Ritalin pills. They are substantially less expensive than cocaine and produce a somewhat comparable high. I don’t use coke or ritalin frequently, but I personally can’t tell the difference. Crush them up and combine some baking soda with them.

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